Audio Engineer:

Graduate of the Art Institute of Seattle, Audio Engineering, 2006.

For over a decade, I have worked in Studio Production for Music and Radio; Analog and Digital Preservation; Youth Audio Workshops; Gallery Installations; Live Readings and Musical performances at The Jack Straw Cultural Center, ( www.jackstraw.org ), The Toolshed SoundLab (2015-present), as well as independent Live Sound Reinforcement and Podcast production.

I am delighted to work with all people of every age and background.  In addition to Audio Engineering, I have had the experience of being a Program Assistant, helping to create Adult and Youth audio workshops, as well as extensive Archiving and preservation of recorded media.

Here is a list of Recent Projects I have worked on.

I am here to be of service, a bridge between the technical and artistic, to help each project come to life in a joyful and effortless way.

Please visit the “Contact” page to get in touch about your project.


A multi-instrumentalist of Chilean-American descent, Camelia Jade is accomplished on guitar, charango and percussion. Hersongs utilize distinct rhythmic patterns to energize and enliven the listener, highlighting visionary lyrics and social justice with a voice that is both soothing and strong. She is a founding member of the group Strong Sun Moon. For more, please visit:   strongsunmoon.org   and cameliajade.bandcamp.com

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