Audio Engineer:

Graduate of the Art Institute of Seattle, Audio Engineering, 2006.

For over a decade, I have worked in Studio Production for Music and Radio; Analog and Digital Preservation; Youth Audio Workshops; Gallery Installations; Live Readings and Musical performances at The Jack Straw Cultural Center, ( www.jackstraw.org ), The Toolshed SoundLab (2015-present), as well as independent Live Sound Reinforcement and Podcast production.

I am delighted to work with all people of every age and background.  In addition to Audio Engineering, I have had the experience of being a Program Assistant, helping to create Adult and Youth audio workshops, as well as extensive Archiving and preservation of recorded media.

Here is a list of Recent Projects I have worked on.

I am here to be of service, a bridge between the technical and artistic, to help each project come to life in a joyful and effortless way.

Please visit the “Contact” page to get in touch about your project.


A multi-instrumentalist of Chilean-American descent, Camelia Jade is accomplished on guitar, charango, and percussion. Her songs utilize distinct rhythmic patterns to energize and enliven the listener, highlighting visionary lyrics and social justice with a voice that is both soothing and strong. For more, please visit:   strongsunmoon.org   and cameliajade.bandcamp.com



I have had the opportunity to be a mentor to youth and young adults in various settings.  This has been an invaluable experience for both my own learning, as well as the encouragement of young engineers who identify as female, non-binary, transgender, male or other.  It is important to note that this field has been dominated largely by white males for decades.  Now, with recording and production becoming more accessible, the skills and knowledge must follow suit.  As a queer, Latinx female Audio Engineer, I have faced many years of cringe-worthy moments.  As a mentor, it is important to strengthen the self-confidence and resilience of young engineers who face these same challenges and help them learn how to recognize and build relationships with peers and allies within our professional sphere.  I view the mentor-mentee relationship as a chance to learn from one another, as well as offer the skills and experience I have cultivated in my career.

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